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Our Residential Cleaning Services Explained

Regular House Cleaning Services in Newtown PA

Regular Cleaning

For those who have used our service or another professional cleaning service within the past 30 days.

Deep House Cleaning Services in Newtown PA

Deep Cleaning (Deluxe package)

For those who want their home cleaned top to bottom. This is the best option for first time customers!

Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services in Newtown PA

Move In/Move Out

For those who are moving in or out! *property must be empty

Benefits For Recurring Cleanings

Benefits For Recurring Cleaning in Newtown PA
Professional House Cleaning in Newtown PA

Once we arrive

When we arrive ready to start our cleaning services, it is important that you have taken the time to ready your home and prepare us for the job. If there are any items which need putting away or tidying up prior to beginning, then an extra charge will be applied at our usual hourly rate. 

This may include activities such as de-cluttering or organizing – any scenario which might prevent us from getting started right away. Don’t worry though – we’re pros at this and will work quickly and efficiently so we can get on with making your house a shining example of cleanliness!

What we don’t do:

Professional Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services in Newtown PA